SAV Lines

How to play

This game is a remake of the popular classic Color Lines game for DOS, made with HTML5, Javascript, and CreateJS.

In the game, you have to move balls on the playing field and collect lines from them. There must be five balls of the same color in a line. The line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. After you have collected a line, these balls disappear from the field and you are awarded 10 points.

Note that the ball can not always get to another point on the playing field if it is “crowded” with other balls and there is no way there. The ball can only move vertically or horizontally, not diagonally.

After you have made a move by moving the ball across the playing field, and if a line of identical balls is not yet assembled, three balls of any color are generated in random empty squares of the field. In the tooltip on the right (“Next balls”), you can see what colors the balls will be in the next turn.

You will lose if the playing field is completely filled with balls and there are no empty cells left.

The goal of the game is to play for as long as possible and collect as many lines as possible to get the most points.

Features and benefits of the game

– modern graphics
– you can play on your PC or tablet/phone
– the game is based on HTML5, Javascript and CreateJS
– can run on any hosting service (including PHP/MySQL-free)


SAV Lines
SAV Lines
SAV Lines

License and price

This game is a commercial product. Illegal use, distribution, and copying of the game are prohibited. The cost of the license to use a copy of the game on your site is $1.

If you have any problems buying, please fill free to contact me.