SAV Quiz

SAV Quiz is a turnkey website solution (script) that will allow any website owner who does not have the programming skills to quickly and easily add a highly customizable quiz to their resource.

Why might a website need a quiz and how does it affect sales?

– studies show that users willingly answer questions in the form of a test, which increases the number of applications from the site
– increases brand confidence, motivates to buy
– the quiz increases the time the user spends on your site, which helps to promote the site and increases its position in search engines
– allows you to collect a database of phones for further work with site users

Benefits and features of the SAV Quiz

– The quiz is easy to add to your site. No need to be a programmer*, the whole process is clear and fast
– Flexibility and ease of setup. The product contains its admin panel, which will allow even inexperienced users to customize SAV Quiz for themselves. For example, you can easily specify the number of screens, questions, answers in the quiz, the texts of the quiz title, questions and answers, your e-mail, and other settings.
– The number of screens in the quiz can be arbitrary (from 1 to 50), and the number of answers on each screen is from 2 to 10, this can be enough in almost all cases
– Economy for implementation. Since this is a turnkey solution, it will save the webmaster/site owner: an analog developed from scratch on order will cost 4-5 times more
– Adaptability, contains a mobile version and is displayed correctly on phones

* In some cases you may need to know HTML / CSS

Demo version


Admin panel:
Test login: admin
Test password: 123456


SAV Quiz
SAV Quiz
SAV Quiz
SAV Quiz
SAV Quiz
SAV Quiz

This script is commercial software, a license costs $5.
You can buy this script from partners:

If you have any problems buying, please fill free to contact me.