More about the developer

My name is Alexander Sushkov, I am a web developer and entrepreneur. In 2013, I started working on the Russian market as the founder of a web studio of 2 people under the brand Center Sites Internet Agency, since 2020 I have been working as a private specialist. In order to save money, I hire designers and other specialists on outsourcing (as freelancers) if necessary.

In 2021 I use the brand "SAV Soft" (SAV is an abbreviation from Sushkov Alexander Vladimirovich + Soft), because. in addition to websites, I started developing custom web applications and am trying to enter the international market. For example, in 2021, a simple SAV Password Generator utility for generating passwords was released, which was sold on the CodeClerks site. There are ideas for the release of other useful applications for the international market.

From 2013 to this day I have been developing and supporting websites and web applications.
In my work I adhere to the principles of honesty, trust and mutual respect in working with my current and potential clients. Within reason, he is loyal to his customers.

I will never promise unrealizable, to do it quickly / cheaply / qualitatively, but I will help you develop a high-quality, functional, user-friendly website or web application for a reasonable price that will meet your wishes.

I do my work for the result, I am always in touch with the client and I will answer all questions. My prices are reasonable: they are average for the market and correspond to the quality of work and experience. As you understand, you have to pay for quality and experience, quality cannot be cheap (although you can try ordering from beginners, but the result is not guaranteed).

What kind of work do I do. My competencies

I work with CMS WordPress, Joomla and, as agreed, with self-written sites.

I do not support or modify sites based on Opencart/Drupal.

In the development of new sites, I prefer WordPress or by agreement, I create self-written sites.

I develop custom web applications.

Competencies in layout and web programming: html5 + css3, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, ajax, php, mySQL.

If you already have a website, one-time or permanent work on finalization is possible:

- redesign, creation of new functionality, content filling
- site transfer to another hosting
- switch to https
- domain/hosting registration and renewal
- integration with external services/software
- installation and improvement of third-party widgets and plugins (callback, chat/online consultant, etc.)
- development of software add-ons for the site, plugins,
- development of web applications necessary for your business (quizzes, calculators, CRM, programs for e-mail mailing and much more)

Quality assurance: work is completed only after full approval by the customer at all stages (from design and layout / programming to content and testing / launch).